What The World Would Look Like If Apple Designed Every Ad [Gallery]



What would an “Applefied” Coca-Cola ad look like? Or Levi’s, and Starbucks? Art director Bryan Evans has been wondering that himself and has created a series of ads for popular products that mimic Apple’s style. Take a look at what the world would be like if every ad looked like an Apple ad.

If you want to see even more product ads with minimalist Apple touches, head over to Applified Ads.


Source: Applefied Ads
Via: Buzzfeed

  • DarekSlaby

    Not feelin it

  • iSteveJ

    1-st. It’s nothing even close to Apple style.
    2-nd. Lol, look at the first image, how they showing thinnest! The wrong angle :D
    That’s how it’s should be – http://i.ytimg.com/vi/aWnI3j0bnOI/0.jpg
    Because your eyes compare fingers height with macbook height, that’s why you just feel thinnest, when you looking at it.

    People think, if they use white background, (wrong) highlighted text they crack Apple style. No, sir. Nothing even close. Attention on details is very important and i don’t see it here.

    Buster Heine, where you eyes was when you writing about it? I have a good oculist, he can help you. Oh, wait… No, no. It’s about sense of taste, he can’t. No.

  • Kenton Presbrey

    I wish that more companies advertised like Apple does. At least Apples commercials show what the product is and what it can do rather than being completely abstract like a lot of advertising today.

    Obviously, there are a lot of products that being abstract is most likely the best approach. You wouldn’t want a Coke commercial that just shows you that you can open the can by lifting a tab. I’m referring to tech companies. For example that Microsoft commercial for IE9 where there are all these pictures flashing and Dubstep playing in the background. It makes me feel like they are trying to trick me into using IE; it ain’t gonna happen.

    Furthermore why would MS advertise for IE? It comes preloaded on every single WinPC and will update itself unless you stop it. Dumb.

  • Buster


    Yahtzee! i guess i just have terrible taste. Of course I didn’t actually make these ads, so I don’t know why it’s my taste and eye sight that is being insulted. I think they’re pretty good, just missing an Apple tagline in each one like “Real. Comfortable. Jeans” for Levi’s, or something

  • Aidan Taylor

    there as boring as hell, just like apples designs.

  • Ruben Martinez

    No. This is Apple’s style…It just looks kind of terrible if everyone uses it. I love minimalism…But I think this might me…TOO minimalist…GASP