Enjoy A Better User Experience With Craigslist for iPhone And iPad



We all love Craigslist, right? I mean, this plain text website has changed the way I live, at least. I’ve posted a home for sale, advertised for job openings, sold musical equipment, and bought more than my fair share of similar items through the basic website since the early 2000s. In a short time the service replaced newspaper classified ads as my go-to method of finding local stuff.

But it’s just. So. Ugly. And it’s got super tiny on the screen, even when you’re using an iPad to access it. Which is where Craigslist the app comes in.

Craigslist, by Lifelike Apps, turns your iPad into a more beautiful experience. It makes the headings and categories look more like a traditional newspaper, and makes the text much easier to read, with great looking fonts and typography.

It’s a universal app, available for FREE, with an in-app purchase of $0.99 to get rid of the ads and save unlimited searches and favorites. You can post to Craigslist directly from the app, log in to your account, use your iPad camera to add photos to your posts, and manage multiple accounts.

Craigslist turns your iPad into a realistic newspaper classifieds section: It combines the enjoyable experience of reading a real newspaper with the convenience of the iPad’s menus, filters, personalization, etc. The screenshots below speak for themselves.

The app takes advantage of Retina graphics on the iPhone 4 display, works in both landscape and portrait mode, and reformats listings when needed to make things easier to use. Even cooler? It sports an automatic location feature, too, which means it brings up the local version of Craigslist using your device’s location info. You can, of course, set it manually, if you like.

You can search multiple locations and save frequent searches. To save ads as favorites, you simply circle the ad area with your finger and a red circle appears around it. Don’t want to see certain ads? Cross them out with a Z-like finger gesture. It’s all very intuitive and fun.

  • Jonathan Ober

    downloaded the app went to jobs web design and tried to change the filter to telecommute it freezes upon opening the drop down :/

  • technochick

    paying to remove ads from a service that is all ads. hmmm