You Can Stream The 2012 Summer Olympics With NBC’s New iPhone And iPad App



NBC just announced that it will be streaming all 302 medal events from the 2012 Summer Olympics in London to U.S. viewers via its new iPhone and iPad app. Not only will NBC be streaming everything live on its Olympics website, but these two new iOS apps will also stream each event as it happens in real time. Over 3,500 hours of event coverage will be streamed to desktop and mobile viewers, making this year’s Olympics coverage the most internet-friendly in history.

The only catch is that viewers will need to verify in-app that they are subscribed to a cable/satellite provider that includes CNBC and MSNBC.

Here’s what NBC says on its website:

When attempting to access a live stream or full replay, you will be prompted to select your cable, satellite or telco TV provider (e.g. Comcast, Time Warner, DirecTV, AT&T) from a list. You then will be asked to verify your TV subscription — this often means only entering the username/password corresponding to the online account you established with your provider.

Unlike previous years, live event streams will not be delayed for viewers on the web or mobile apps. This is a huge step in the right direction, but it’s still unfortunate that cord-cutters are omitted from the live feeds.

The first app NBC is announcing is called NBC Olympics Live Extra, and you’ll use this app to watch the live events on the iPhone or iPad. Another app called NBC Olympics has also been released with features for tracking Olympic activity.

Both apps are powered by Adobe, and the second NBC Olympics app will feature short-form highlights, schedules, live results, columns, athlete profiles, and the new Primetime Companion feature. NBC wants you to think of it as a companion app to complement NBC Olympics Live Extra.

The 2012 Summer Olympics Opening Ceremony kicks off Friday, July 27th.

Via: Engadget

  • norfolkmustard

    I guess they may be piggybacking on the BBC’s service?

  • jim cancil

    They would have to pay me to watch this dreck. Rather than medals, just post the value of sponsorships for podium positions and the income of the ‘Olympic Officials’. The Olympics even corrupted the Mormons. Yeeech…


  • nickp91

    Good apps for Olympics fans

  • ZeusCarver

    I guess they may be piggybacking on the BBC’s service?

    Much of the actual raw broadcast feed will come from the OBS.

  • Priyanka Chandrasekharan Shyam

    Another Olympics App to catch all the action is