New iPhone Case Doubles As a 650k-Volt Stun Gun!



A new iPhone case called the Yellow Jacket protects your phone — and your ass! It’s actually a powerful stun gun. Best of all, it adds about 20 hours of battery life to your iPhone!

Thanks to The Red Ferret.

  • patstar5

    Zap any android lover with it.

  • patstar5

    Zap any android lover with it.

  • nosogirl

    craziest accessory i’ve seen is the flip flop iphone case – seriously, it’s a silicone case with a flip flop thong on it…weird.

  • stevenglass

    Wow; nice! Just don’t push the wrong button when you answer!

  • copperbum

    is this a real case? furthermore, is this real article? one sentence? why not explain how it works

  • jrogers

    Well ‘real’, maybe not. But it could be soon: