Alleged Photos Of The iPhone 5 Leak Out Of Asia [Gallery]




Hardware news site has put up an extensive gallery of images which they believe is the iPhone 5 in the wild. We disagree: this is pretty clearly a rough model someone has put together for the purpose of getting the jump on making cases or accessories. But it still shows what the consensus is amongst accessory makers with ties to the Far East about what the next iPhone will look like.

In the images, a very rough-around-the-edges build of a longer iPhone is displayed side-by-side with a much more polished iPhone 4S. The new iPhone features a redesigned 19-pin dock connector, speaker grille and bottom headphone jack, just as numerous news outlets have reported over the past two months.

We’re not going to be surprised if this is, indeed, what the iPhone 5 looks like… but we’re pretty doubtful this thing is a finished product out of Foxconn. Parts of it look like they were made out of spray paint modeling clay. And the fact that consistently places their watermark over the home button in every shot implies they’re hiding something.

We think what is more likely is that this is a hand-made mock-up of the iPhone 5 for the purposes of making cases and other compliant accessories. Whether the intel that informed this mock-up are the same rumors we’ve been hearing for months, or direct insider intelligence, who’s to say?

What do you think?

Source: Kitguru

  • mikkeee

    Here’s what I think….. why would a writer publish an article he believes is false?

  • ConstableOdo

    Pretty lame crap. Not even worth the time to read.

  • patstar5

    Hope all of these pics of the next iPhone are fake and apple is fooling everyone. I want a larger display,not a taller one! Going to switch to windows phone or android if this is the next iPhone.


    this is full of shit! this is fake! what makes you think there going to make a third iphone 4 design? there designing the whole thing were getting something new! and if im wrong ill be pretty pissed off! ive had the iphone 4 since 2010 and im ready for something completely new! that is why i did not get the iphone 4s now i do like the 4 inch but i just need a new design just because they changed the dock and the speakers and a new 4inch screen and all that other new stuff they put in it doesnt make it a new iphone design if the new iphone is going to like this my money is not worth spending. so im going to say this is fake FAKE FAKE FAKE FAKE! lol

  • Kenton Presbrey

    I’m actually kinda bummed that they’re making the phone/screen bigger. I really like the screen size and feel of the current iPhone. Although I haven’t held this phone yet so who knows.

    However, unlike some others, I do like the idea of the headphone jack on the bottom. I use an auxiliary port and charger in my car at the same time to listen to music. I’ve never liked having to unplug the cable on the top when I have to make a call. I think having the headphone jack on the bottom with the power connector will make holding my phone less awkward when its plugged in.

  • Guitrmn35

    These have to be of a fake iPhone or maybe an updated iPod Touch. Look at where the headphone jack is. Apple isn’t going to move this to the bottom next to the dock connector.

  • cfrincon

    The iPhone 4/4S is an iconic product and without doubt one of the most beautiful designs ever to come out of cupertino, as Steve Jobs put it “it’s closest kin is like a beautiful old leica camera!” that said I really don’t think there’s any need for the design or its form factor to change. I’d say Apple’s more likely to refine the existing design with all new internals including 4G LTE support, a better battery, a better camera and more powerful rock solid software!

  • Mahler12x

    If the iPhone 5 turns out to be nothing but a stretched out iPhone 4, there’s gonna be a major customer bleed to sexier looking Androids this go around.

    The iPhone has become so ubiquitous that every schmo you see walkin around has got one. As one of those dudes who bought the original the day it came out I can say it’s been a loooong time since you could pull out your iPhone and have people’s heads turn.

    The iPhone 5 HAS to be a sexier redesign than THIS for God’s sake!

  • smashingeeks

    Here are brilliant concept designs that the upcoming iphone 5 can have. Must See

  • James Rose

    it looks like painted wood.

  • digitalnatured

    This is clearly painted wood. Apple would not texture their products like that.

    Handmade sample maybe, from what I understand several chinese manufacturers already have the dimensions and 3Ds for case making.