G-Form’s Impact-Proof Cases Now Tough And Handsome


G-Form's new iPad cases: Just as tough, but now better looking.


I’m a big fan of G-Form’s protective iPad cases. I use one on bike tours to keep my iPad safe in a pannier no matter what’s going on outside, and I love the relatively thin form-factor which comes courtesy of its special-sauce material which stiffens and absorbs shock on impact.

I even like the weird, retro-futuristic designs. But for those of you who prefer something a little more understated, there are now two new G-Forms to tempt you: the Reverse Ballistic Edge and the Extreme Hydro Sleeve.

The tech behind the G-Form cases comes from the other half of the company’s business: protective sportswear. The material used changes its molecular structure on impact – kind of like a cornflour and water pasted – and stiffens momentarily to absorb up to 90% of the force of an impact. You can find it in body armor, kneepads and so on.

The new cases add a little style, swapping the regular G-Forms’ geometric designs for something a little less garish. And judging by the video of them being tossed from 35 feet onto a hard carpark floor, they seems just as effective.

So new are these two cases that they don’t yet appear on the G-Form site, and as such we don’t yet have any prices. However, going on the other cases for sale, expect these to sell for around $45-$90, depending on which one you choose.

Source: G-Form

Thanks: Kristen!