SecureTips Hold Your Earbuds In Your Ears [Kickstarter]


Honestly, it's embarrassing that Apple's earbuds need so much help to work properly.


Would you pay $20 to keep your Apple earbuds in your ears where they belong? Me too. Especially if the solution was as tiny, neat and portable as the earbuds themselves. So keep your fingers crossed (or better, stump up some cash) and hope that Zach Herbert and Adam Orshan’s Kickstarter project gets funded.

The product is called SecureTips, and it consists of a pair of silicone Spock ears which schlurp onto your white ‘buds and give a much better fit with the intricate sculptings of your ear-holes. A set will cost just $20, as mentioned, and they will come in a variety of colors.

Why bother, especially when the stock earbuds are so damned bad? Because they are also convenient. Oftentimes I leave the house to do some errands or to head down to a local bar to do some work (yes, work). Even if I’m not planning on doing any listening, I toss the Apple earbuds into my bag as they take up almost zero space.

They also fall out of my ears, so I’m actually pretty interested in buying the SecureTips, despite the awfulness of the pitch video I have callously embedded at the top of this post. Hopefully the actual manufacturing will be handled a little more professionally.

Source: Kickstarter

Thanks: Adam!