iPad Pro: Wacom Shows Off New 24-Inch Multi Touch Cintiq Tablet


Like a giant iPad.


Imagine you had a 24-inch iPad which could be propped up to any angle. Imagine further that this iPad can be hooked up to your Mac and used as an external display, and that the color gamut of that display shows 97% of the Adobe RGB space. Now add in a pressure-sensitive pen along with the multi-touch goodness.

This is Wacom’s new 24HD.

The 24HD is a new, giant multi touch version of the Cintiq. It’s like the old Cintiq, only way, way better, mostly due to the addition of multi-touch which will let it work with gestures in many modern apps (including Photoshop). Hook this baby up to your Mac and you will have the best of everything: the fingers-on immediacy of the iPad, with the size and flexibility of Mac apps, plus the fine control of the 2048-level pressure-sensitive stylus.

This will of course come at a price. The new 24HD will cost $3,700 when it goes on sale in August. And it’s also heavy, weighing in at 62.9 pounds or 28.6 kilos with its stand.

One curious math fact: I couldn’t find a diagonal screen measurement on the site, just the horizontal and vertical dimensions (20.4 x 12.8 inches). So I lit some incense, performed a chant and summoned Pythagoras. My results, below, give us a 26-inch display, not 24.

√((20.4 ^2) x (12.8^2)) = 26.112

Any idea why?

Source: Wacom

  • tetisiwa

    I think there’s a problem with your Pythagorean formula. It should be as follows: a^2 + b^2 = c^2. Therefore, to find the diagonal length, c, we do this: ?((20.4^2) + (12.8^2)) = ?(416.6 + 163.84) = ?(580.44) = 24.1 inches.
    It seems to me that you multiplied the squares of a & b rather than adding. When I do that, ?((20.4^2) x (12.8^2)) I get 261.12, not 26.112. It was just a little error you made with the Pythagorean theorem.

  • TechTeich

    Yup, looks like that was some strong incense you got there. Pythag is a^2+b^2=c^2 and you get 24.083″ as a diagonal, not 26. Anyways that Cintiq and the new 22UX are some sexy tech

  • viveksrn

    I had written to Tim Cook about doing iPads with larger screen sizes and what applications it would have in terms of having them as displays at various locations like Museums, stores, etc and even for App designers for designing creativity apps…

  • InkyDavid

    Sorry Charlie, the new Wacom’s not even close to being an iPad, professional or otherwise. Cintiq Touch is a dedicated professional drawing tool; no email, web browsing or Facebook. iPad’s a recreational device. The only thing they’ve got in common is a touch screen, which is like humans are like whales because they’re both mammals. This sort of sloppiness doesn’t gain credibility outside your social circle.

    BTW, diagonal measurements are useless for professional tablets. Wacom’s aspect ratios have changed so much over the years that width and height are all you need.

  • xMoonDevilx

    Cintiq is truly an Artist’s dream for digital work…but the cost is just too absurd. If Apple would just develop their own Stylus with the same pressure sensitive applications, then with simple mirroring…iPad becomes the real Artist’s dream, and affordable. Already are some great Art Apps out there, but lack of proper Stylus hinders them greatly. Make one for iPad…and a worthy one not the typical out there now…and could mirror the screen and use Adobe CS even…with iPad as the ‘Cintiq’ which would take a huge chunk out of the Wacom market.

  • Excalibear2

    I’ve been a Graphics professional for many years. I used to lust after the Cintiq, but I tried a large traditional Wacom + my iMac.

    Now drawing on the screen is not appealing anymore. It can even be a nuisance, with your hand and arm blocking much of your view. It’s nice to look at a perfectly vertical screen while your hand reposes in a near-horizontal position.

    To work, I place my large tablet in front of me and push the KB under the iMac. All functions are programmed in the tablet buttons. If I need additional functions keys or type, I open up the Mac OS virtual keyboard.

    To me this setup is far more comfortable and practical than the Cintiq, and loads cheaper.