How To Get Digital Books Autographed by The Author


Do we even want authors to sign our ebooks?


Book fetishists often cite the smell and feel of a book as a reason to keep chopping down trees and wasting fuel to ship the pulp around the world. But what about something that we probably all value, whether we are paper-sniffers or we have entered the modern age – signed books? Specifically, how does one get a digital book signed by the author?

Brett Kelly has the answer.

Brett decided that if he was happy with digital books, he ws equally happy with a digital signature, and set out to get one. So when he met Josh Kaufman, author of The Personal MBA, he used the following kit to procure the author’s scrawl

  • An iPad with the Kindle app installed (or iBooks, if that’s your huckleberry).
  • The author’s book downloaded to the app.
  • Skitch installed on your iPad (it’s free).
  • The author to be physically present, ideally of his or her own free will.

Thus equipped, Brett opened the bok to the title page, snapped a screenshot using the easy home-button-plus-power-button shortcut, opened the result in skitch and had the Kaufman sign.

You might like to add a stylus as signing with a finger isn’t very natural for most people.

I think its ingenious, and you can of course use your own choice of apps to do the same thing. Of course, the actual ebook won’t be signed (although having the author digitally sign an EPUB – to which he has added a dedication – with his public key would fix that) and therefore won’t see an increase in value. Then again, ebooks are meant for reading, not collecting: leave that to the paper sniffers.

Source: Nerd Gap

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  • craigburdett

    I realize this is the post-journalist error and editors are shunned like the plague – so anyone with an internet connection can sling words at the Interwebs. But, jiminy crickets, run a spell check on this mess before you post it.

    Even the (free) Google Docs does spell check AUTOMATICALLY – so the bar should be set sufficiently low that even an accomplished “journalist” can accomplish the task.

    I think its ingenious? (granted that’s a grammar error, but come on!)
    “the Kaufman”? Does Mr. Kaufman speak of himself in the 3rd person as well?

  • technochick

    False presumption. Not all of us value signed books.

  • paul_e_cooley

    My name is Paul Elard Cooley and I’m the creator of MyWrite ( which enables authors to autograph/personalize their books using an iOS device. Authors do not have to be present and the books are sent to the recipient via email in both kindle and epub edition. Our iOS client is free and we run as a service. We have many authors among our clientelle including NYT Best-Selling author Scott Sigler.

    If you’d like to discuss our service, please let me know.

  • haineux

    William S Gibson will be glad to autograph your iPad or Kindle with your choice of Sharpie or diamond-tipped engraving stylus. (If you ask nicely, he’ll engrave the BACK of the device.)