Increasing iPad Demand Could Cut Into Mac Sales [Report]


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In yet another another analyst forecast, Mac sales are expected to decline as demand for the iPad continues to increase. According to a report by BMO analyst Keith Bachman, the last two quarters of 2012 will be “challenging” for Apple, due to increased iPad demand and the expectation of a new iPhone.

Bachman has lowered his Mac sales forecast by 1.6 million units, while raising iPad sales expectations by 3.8 million. In fact, for the next six quarters, Bachman predicts a reduction in Mac sales by 40% of the increased iPad sales.

According to Bachman, Apple will sell roughly 20.18 million Macs in 2013, down from his previous estimate of 21.38. Even with these shrinking numbers, investors shouldn’t worry.

He writes:

Moreover, we think Apple shares will respond in a positive way to the pending launch of the new iPhone, as we look to year-end.

What do you think? Are people actually replacing their Macs with iPads, or is the iPad still a secondary device for many people. Let me know your thoughts in the comments.

Via: Macworld UK