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Smarter Stand Makes Your Smart Cover Even More Useful


The Smarter Stand locks the Smart Cover's hinges.


The Smarter Stand is just the kind of gadget that we like here at Cult of Mac: cheap, simple and ingenious. And it seems that we’re not the only ones that appreciate these qualities: the stand blew through its $10,000 Kickstarter goal in just 24 hours, and is currently pushing $80,000 in pledges.

The Smarter Stand consists of just two carefully-formed pieces of plastic. These slot onto your Apple Smart Cover or Smart Case and stop it from bending along whichever joint you place them over.

This opens up a whole new range of angles at which the iPad can now be propped, some of them way more stable than the original two angles the Smart Cover can manage alone. Using these clips you can use your iPad at 33˚, 45˚ and also at the usual typing angle, only with a little wall of privacy at the top.

And ingeniously, the clips never need to be removed: cut-outs on the inside fit your iPad’s curves perfectly so the case can close with the clips in place.

The designer, Dotan Saguy, points out the obvious in his product pitch: that you could just use a pair of binder clips. But at just $14 for the pair, I wonder why you’d bother with such an inelegant and potentially screen-scratchy solution.


Thanks: Dotan!