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U.K. Retailer Lists ‘Apple Mystery Product’ On List Of Top Ten Christmas Gifts


Has Apple been running Instapaper on the iPad mini?
Retailers expect a "mystery" Apple device to be a big hit this Christmas.

We’re nearly halfway through July, and while the vast majority of us are enjoying the summer weather (unless you live in the U.K. where it continues to rain), retailers are already preparing for Christmas. U.K. retailer Currys and PC World just published its of predictions for the top ten gifts this holiday, and at number four it lists an “Apple mystery device” with pricing to be confirmed.

Could this mystery device be the upcoming iPad mini?

In fourth place, the device sits behind the new iPad in first, the Google Nexus 7 in second, and an Amazon Kindle e-reader in third. Here’s the full list:

  1. Apple new iPad, from £399.99
  2. Kindle e-reader, from £89
  3. Google Nexus 7 tablet, £199.99
  4. Apple mystery product, £TBC
  5. Krups, Dolce Gusto, from £89
  6. Kindle Fire, £TBC
  7. Goji Tinchy Stryder: On Cloud 9 headphones, from £19.99
  8. Dyson DC44 vacuum cleaner, £TBC
  9. Tefal Actifry from £179
  10. Nikon S3200 compact digital camera, £TBC

What’s interesting is that Currys believes “the only product to knock the iPad off the number one spot is Apple’s latest launch, a product still to be revealed.”

Considering the retailer does not stock the iPhone, one can only assume it is referring to widely-rumored iPad mini. After all, none of Apple’s iPods are likely to knock the iPad off the top spot, and neither are any of its Macs. Currys hasn’t actually mentioned the iPad mini, but it’s the only device that would fit perfectly into that spot and has the potential to topple the current iPad.

What’s also interesting about this list is that in sixth place is the Kindle Fire, also with a price tag that’s “TBC.” This suggests that unlike the first-generation Kindle Fire, Amazon’s second-generation device will be coming to the United Kingdom.

Source: Pocket-lint