Enlarge The Font To See Your iTunes Track List Better On High Resolution Displays [OS X Tips]


iTunes Font List

Today’s tip is a simple one, but I think valuable. As we continue to upsize everything these days, including fast food meals, automobiles, data plans, and computer monitors, it’s easy to forget the simple things.

I just recently upgraded my Mac Mini monitor from an old crappy 4:3 LCD to a newer, less crappy 6:9 LED display with a much higher resolution. Boy is it nice to have some screen real estate to play with. As with any monitor (or iPad!) resolution increase, the stuff on the screen gets relatively smaller looking, giving me more space for stuff like windows and icons and the like.

But what about the fonts? I can increase the font size of Finder lists, the icon and font size of icons on the Desktop, but I had forgotten that I could upsize the font in iTunes. Because, yeah, it’s kind of small for my every-day-a-little-older eyes.

Launch iTunes, and head into the preferences. The easy way is to hit Command-Comma on your keyboard, but you can also use your mouse to choose Preferences from the iTunes menu.

Once in the preferences, click on the General tab to the far right across the top. About halfway down, you’ll see two options: Source Text and List Text. To embiggen the list of iTunes tracks or videos while in List View, choose Large in the List Text drop down menu. Do the same in the Source Text drop down menu if you want the font for the list of stuff down the left hand column in iTunes to get a little larger for your poor, tired eyes.

This simple trick saves me from leaning forward un-ergonomically and squinting, especially after a long night of…well, never mind. Let’s just say that a larger font makes my higher resolution monitor work a lot better for my old eyes.

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Via: OS X Daily