Secretary Of The Navy Wants iPads For Executive Dining At The Pentagon


The Navy wants iPads in the Pentagon for executive dining room.
The Navy wants iPads in the Pentagon for its Executive dining room.

We’ve seen the iPad used in a range of workplaces. Although some are surprising, like industrial farming and the Vatican, most are a bit more pedestrian. The U.S. Navy is planning to use iPads in a way that is both pedestrian and very high-end.

According to a recent government contract that is up for bid, the Navy plans to include iPads in a revamp of its Executive Dining Facility in the Pentagon. The dining room is often used by the Secretary of the Navy and regularly plays host to high-level Pentagon guests.

The setting may be one associated the upper echelons of the federal government and U.S. armed forces, but the needs are pretty standard restaurant POS and food service technologies. Project requirements include standard reservation and payment systems, a web site that supports online ordering, integration with merchant systems, and maintenance agreements.

Also included in the contract details is the following.

iOS Setup and Config, 2, EA;

That could mean any iOS devices, but the consensus appears to be iPads, which could be used by servers or managers in the five-star dining facility. Whether this indicates an overall interest in the iPad among Navy brass or is simply a way to improve the dining experience is difficult to judge. However, it does show that military officials are taking notice of the iPad and its range of potential uses.

Source: NextGov