Window-Sucking Lens Bag Skirts Around Reflections


LenSkirt, the perfect camera accessory for a trip to downtown Amsterdam.



It would take a long while to get through all the innuendo-laden jokes made possible by the LenSkirt. So I guess we’ll just take things slow. But first let me tell you what it is: a black cloth bag which sticks to windows so you can shoot through glass without reflections. Now, let the schoolboy fun begin.

Up-skirt photos! That’s what you’ll take with the LenSkirt. Sorry, I was going to, uh, skirt around that joke but I couldn’t help myself.

Anyway. The trapezoidal tent has a hole at one end which expands to swallow any lens, no matter the girth, and at the other end there are suction cups to stick to the window of your choice. Thus arranged, you can shoot photos of even the darkest interior without the glass reflecting stray light back through the lens.

Clearly this is a peeping Tom’s dream come true.

More seriously, the LenSkirt can be used to shoot out through windows: trains, planes, automobiles – all of these can now be platforms for great photos. Sure, you can correct for the low contrast and haze in your airplane-window shots, but reflections are a whole world of Photoshop-hurt to remove.

The final joke is the price. The LenSkirt is $50. Still, for the dedicated perv, even at this price the device is probably window-licking good.


Via: Photography Bay