With CoverMeNot, Banner Notifications Stay Out Of The Way By Doubling The Height Of Your iOS Status Bar [Jailbreak]


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Sometimes a jailbreak tweak comes along that is so subtle and yet so brilliant. Banner notifications in iOS are great, but Apple made a poor design choice: incoming banners push in on the top of whatever app you’re using at the moment. If you’re using Safari, the address/search bar is momentarily obscured by a banner notification. That’s no good.

A new Cydia tweak called CoverMeNot keeps banner notifications out of the way by automatically doubling the height of your iOS status bar. No more obtrusive banners covering the top of your favorite apps.

Developed by legendary jailbreak developer Ori, CoverMeNot is available for free now in Cydia. Again, the tweak is dead simple. Once installed, there are no extra settings to configure. Whenever a banner notification appears while you’re using an app, the iOS status bar will double in height to accommodate the notification. It’s a brilliant UI tweak that Apple will hopefully implement one day.

This status bar height doubling is made possible by the fact that iOS apps are able to shrink and grow in height when needed. You can see this kind of flexibility in action when the status bar is green or red during calls and recordings.

  • SamDS

    i dont understand. The Notification stays there for like, 3 seconds. in that short time, is it really that necessary?

  • heyIvar

    Don’t even know where to start with this. Completely pointless and unnecessary tweak. Move along.

  • MacHead84

    So instead of covering a tiny portion of the top of the screen you slide a tiny portion of the bottom out of the screen? Jailbreaking is so clever and lifesaving! :eye roll:

  • Falafelhead

    The status bar doesn’t just magically double…it pushes everything down. Which seems slightly MORE annoying when you’re in safari…but DRASTICALLY more annoying when you’re in a game and the buttons jump down and then up after 3 seconds.

    So instead…here’s to Apple for picking up on this design flaw, and fixing it with the overlayed alerts that can be dismissed with a simple swipe.