Manage Your Project Like A Pro For Free (For Now) On Your iPad [iOS Tips]


Planning Pro for iPad

UPDATE: In an email from the developer after this posted, it was made clear that the FREE app is only able to manage one project. In order to utilize the full power of this project management app, you’ll need to purchase the “full” version for an in-app pice of $8.99 “currently.”

In response to our feature article about project management apps on iOS, developer i2e Consulting emailed me to ask if we’d write about its own project planning app, Project Management Pro. While I’m not reviewing the app, the quick look I had at it made me want to pass the tip along to you, especially as the app is free as of today.

Project Planning Pro is an iPad app that boasts simple and easy to use project management tool. The developers claim that it can be used for both simple and complex projects by professional project managers as well as those new to the concept.

You can both create and manage plans, tasks, resources or even import and manage MS Project plans on your iPad with this app. There’s the ability to link tasks from finish to start, start to start, finish to finish, and start to finish so that you can plan things in the best way possible for your particular project. The app has an interactive Gantt chart system, allowing you to pinch and zoom to change dates and durations, as well as several views to choose from.

Project Planning Pro allows you to filter your available tasks by name, duration, percentage complete, type of resources, and by date. You can create plan templates and export to Dropbox or email, which seems ideal if you’re sharing with other team members. The plans themselves can be shared as a Planning Pro file (.ppp), csv file, and a PDF file.

You can import and manage your existing MS Project plans as XML files from email, DropBox or iTunes, import plans from MS Project Server using a plugin from the app support site, and install a Project Planning Pro desktop add on and export plans directly from MS Project to Dropbox.

The app store description calls out the price as a $9.99 “introductory price,” but as of writing, the app is itself FREE and available in the App Store.

Source: App Store