Learn The Secret Shortcuts For Any Open Or Save Dialog [OS X Tips]


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One of the joys of being a power user is when you use keyboard shortcuts to shave precious seconds off of your workflow routines. While you may know all the system shortcuts there are (⌘ + C for Copy, ⌘ + V for Paste, etc.), you may not be as familiar with those in the Open or Save dialog windows that you encounter every day.

Obviously, we’re here to help

To try these out, open an app like TextEdit, and then hit ⌘ + O to engage the Open File dialog. These will also work in a Save File dialog, as well.

Click on any file in the dialog window, and then hit ⌘ + R. The selected file will then be revealed and highlighted in the Finder. ⌘ + I will show the Get Info window for the selected item.

⌘ + D will take you right to the Desktop, if you prefer to save files there like I do. To find files while in the Open or Save dialog, hit ⌘ + F and the cursor will jump to the little find text field in the upper right corner.

Done with your Opening or Saving? Use ⌘ + . to cancel and close out of the dialog window. If you’re looking for a hidden file, type ⌘ + ⇧ + > and the dialog will show all those hidden treasures. Be careful, though: they’re usually hidden for a reason.

And? Just because we’re nice – hit ⌘+⇧+G in the Open or Save dialog (or in any open Finder window), and a little text field will drop down. You can type in any file path you like to go right to it, all Unix-style. Yeah, power user!

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Via: Stack Exchange

  • christmerlini

    Press 1 to Self Destruct.
    Just Kidding.
    In the dialog box, you can hit ? + ? + K to go to Network.
    That’s if you need to save a file over the network.
    It might come in use…

  • Stuka_UK