Steve Wozniak Shares His Thoughts On Google Glass And Microsoft’s Surface Tablet


Steve Wozniak speaking at the Entel summit.
Steve Wozniak speaking at the Entel summit.

Steve Wozniak recently spoke at the Entel Summit in Chile, and as usual, expressed his thoughts on emerging technology. Wozniak offered his opinion on Google Glass, Microsoft’s Surface tablet, and even the Kim Dotcom case surrounding Megaupload.

Wozniak expressed strong feelings towards the Government and Kim Dotcom, saying:

Kim Dotcom was so successful, and he was well known for his flagrance, and his sports cars, and his racing cars, and his style of life, that he was made an easy target…. He was the biggest in the world, and they swamped in on him.

Steve is also apparently a fan of the Microsoft Surface, and is looking forward to future successes for Microsoft:

I do see a lot of stuff coming out from Microsoft in the consumer arena. A lot of people like to say that Microsoft’s had no successes in the last so many years, but the Xbox is a success, and certainly Kinect… I do want to see the Surface, I want to use one, I want to own one.

The entire clip of Wozniak has been uploaded to YouTube, and you can view it here:

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