Sword & Sworcery Remix Album Is Pretty Frickin’ Awesome


The Sword & Sworcery remix album is way better than the lame game ever was.


Did you love the iOS game Sword & Sworcery? Nope, me neither – too much grind, and not enough find. But I totally dug the awesome soundtrack by Jim Guthrie. I bought it in lossless format and listened the crap out of it.

And now I’m into it for another $5, thanks to a remix album which has been released to celebrate the Japanese launch of the game. And if you’re into retro, rock or just good music, you’re in for a treat.

The S&S soundtrack is probably best described as “ethereal”. Either that or it’s what Pink Floyd would have done if Pink Floyd had made an 8-bit-style game soundtrack in 2011. Atmospheric and sometimes creepy, it really is a soundtrack worth listening to alone.

And the remixes make it even better. In fact, they’re often more re-imaginings than remixes. For instance, Akira Yamoaka (of Silent Hill fame) takes the already rocking Bones McCoy and adds crunching guitars, and the peaceful and haunting Ballad of the Space Babies gets a weird kind of 8-bit breakbeat makeover, kind of like if drum-n-bass had been invented on the Super Nintendo, only without the bass.

It’s pretty great, and costs just $5. You can go the easy route and grab it from iTunes, or you can buy it from BandCamp where it is available in pretty much any format you could ever want.

Source: BandCamp

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