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Tones, A Full-Featured Ringtone Editor That Runs On The iPhone Itself


Using Tones might actually be more fun than hearing the result.


Tones looks to be just about the coolest way to create custom ringtones for your iPhone that I have seen. Then again, I haven’t seen many as I’m not a thoughtless teenager who thinks that other people want to hear his crappy music every time a call comes in.

Better still, Tones puts iPhone ringtone editing just where it should be: on the iPhone itself.

Tones takes music from your library and lets you manipulate the hell out of it. You can loop a section, adjust the fade-in and fade-out, you can jog-scroll through the track or use a wave-form editor to find the right spot.

You can also record you voice and overdub either your voice track or the music track (multi-voice karaoke!) and generally generate the most perfectly annoying ringtone ever made. And then you can loop it.

Of course, this great-looking app from Cinnamon Jelly (creator of the excellent “Drums” app) might be moot. It seems that almost everyone these days – even the kids – is using a plain old-fashioned telephone ring for their tone. This has the amusing effect of making everyone pull out their phone every time any phone rings, just like the olden days before we had custom ringtones. The irony.

Tones is available right now for just $2, or about 1/100th the price of a purchased ringtone.

Source: Cinnamon Jelly

Via: PR Mac