Make A DIY Website Login Autofill On The iPhone [iOS Tips]


Oh, yeah! That makes total sense.
Oh, yeah! That makes total sense.

Tired of typing in your email address to login to websites on your iPhone? I know I am. Heck, even typing on the iPad can get to be a pain, with every site LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and the like asking for log in credentials – most of them wanting my email address or login name. Or, heck, password.

Just like changing the default “OMW” text message auto-correct, here’s another idea on making the most of your iPhone time, rather than spending it typing in your email address, password, or street address.

Hop onto your iPhone (or iPad, or iPod touch – you know the drill) and launch the Settings app. Tap into the General pane, then swipe down to the Keyboard preference pane. In the Keyboard pane, swipe down to Shortcuts. Now tap on Add New Shortcut.

Type your email address in the Phrase section, then type a short, two or three character abbreviation, like @@ or eml1, into the Shortcut area. Tap Save in the upper right corner and you’re set for email. If you have a second email address you need to use often, repeat the process, and name it @@@ or eml2.

How about your street address? That’s easily taken care of here, as well. Type “addy” into the Shortcut area and your actual street address into the Phrase area. Suddenly, you’re flying through web forms. Do the same with your phone number. You could call it “##” if you like, we don’t mind.

Via: Reddit

  • bj97301

    Why didn’t I think of this sooner… Thank you for the good idea.

  • joewaylo

    Why didn’t I think of this sooner… Thank you for the good idea.

    Actually a bad idea. It’s the reason autofill is disabled on certain logins like your bank account. If you were to make ### for your bank account login code and #### for your password and it is on there for autofill, with someone who has stolen your iPhone they can type ### and #### and gain access to your bank account.

    or @@ for your login email and #### for your password, which is common to any of your hundreds of login locations like the video games or even iTunes App Store, the wouldbe thieves who still have time can access your App Store or video games, change your password, and render you scarred for life if it has a recovery key.

  • TheKnightWhoSaysNi

    Actually a bad idea…

    No, the bad idea is using it for your password. Your phone number, email and address are already in your address book so you are not providing any new information to a would be thief.

  • Scott Townsend

    Just get the 1Password app instead, it stores all your login info securly encrypted and has a marvelous autologin feature. My favorite app on iPad, bar none.