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TinkerLearn Promises To Help You Easily Learn iOS Development



Until now, it’s been relatively difficult to make an app for iOS without a considerable amount work learning how to write code. Mysterious Trousers, the developers of apps such as Calvetica Calendar and Dialvetica Contacts want to change all of that with a new tool they call TinkerLearn. In a nutshell, TinkerLearn helps you learn code with real example apps.

To use TinkerLearn, you’ll need Apple’s Xcode software, which is available for free in the Mac App Store. With Xcode installed, you’ll download a real, working application that you can tinker with. As you make changes to the app, it’s easy to see what you’ve changed.

TinkerLearn walks you through the code, helping you understand what is going on. You can buy a variety of lessons such as Buttons, Tips, Shapes, Browser, Todos, and Events, ranging from $1.99 to $5.99. Each lesson helps you learn a new skill, and one  is included for free.

To see exactly what TinkerLearn is all about, Mysterious Trousers has a promotional video you can take a look at:

Source: TinkerLearn Via: AppAdvice