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Gorgeous Rosewood iPhone Cover Carries Credit Cards


This hot rosewood case might be enough to get me using credit cards.


Killspencer might sound like an order to murder somebody with a fancy name, but it is in fact just an innocent iPhone card-case made from Rosenkrantz*. No. Wait… I mean rosewood.

The case is gorgeous, and comes to you straight out of LA. The rosewood contraption sticks onto the back of the phone using a removable adhesive, and has space for three cards in its slot – credit, debit and ID are the suggested contents.

The interior features a flat spring to keep things in place even when there’s just one card inside, and a thumb-hole to flip out the cards easily without breaking your nails. The case even comes with a rosewood front panel which covers the iPhone’s bezel, but while Cult of Mac deputy editor John Brownlee will surely like this (it’s rumored he keeps his TV in a teak cabinet with a lace doily on top), it’s probably a little too much wood for most people.

I like the minimal approach here, and if I used credit cards (and owned an iPhone) I might think about this case, especially with the pocket-friendly tapered shape. As it is I’ll stick with fat envelopes of cash, a roll of quarters and a beeper. Hey: if it was good enough for early 1990s drug dealers, it’s good enough for me.

Source: Killspencer

*Think about it.