Help Jam Servers For Hot New Download: SRS Audio Essentials for Mac



When I saw that well-regarded audio company, SRS, was offering a new Mac-compatible version of their Audio Essentials software, I headed – nay, rushed – over to their website to grab the free demo for the new Mac version.

Apparently, I wasn’t the only one, as the message that greeted me when I (finally) found the Mac download page: “Our servers our currently jammed due to the popularity of the new release of Audio Essentials. Downloading will take a little extra time. Thank you for understanding. We are working quickly to resolve the issue.”

Yep, it’s a hot download.

According to Wikipedia, “SRS Labs has more than three hundred consumer electronics manufacturing partners, and holds more than 150 patents for its technologies.” That’s a lot of patents, right?

I just know that they have a killer reputation for great sound, and they are behind the iWOW-U audio adapter for an iPhone or iPod. Oh, and their tech is in the iHome iW2 AirPlay Speakers system, along with other higher end audio hardware.

Electronista today posted the fact that SRS has released its software audio enhancement suite, Audio Essentials, for both Mac and PC. There’s a free trial, which includes special music equalization and audio tunings, output modes for internal or external speakers, enhanced bass, and a stereo peak meter to make sure you don’t blow out your tiny speakers. There’s a paid upgrade available, for $30, that will include a music genre detector, surround sound decoding, virtual surround sound (for headphones), intelligent volume settings, and custom configurations for games, movies, or other sound sources.

If you’re into audio, you might want to jam up the SRS servers as well. Grab a free trial of Audio Essentials for Mac now and give it a spin. Let us know what you think of it in the comments below, of course.

Via: Electronista

  • Aaron

    I’ve found you can usually do as well (if not better) with manual equalization tweaking and changing the playback enhancement setting in iTunes. You don’t need $30 software.

  • LaurentBourrelly

    I got iWow plugin for iTunes from SRS. It’s an incredible boost from any perspective; nothing like the equalizer.
    No doubt this app delivers. Thanks for the info… I’ll go try to DL.