Rogue Trojan Hits iOS App Store, Is Quickly Removed


  • davidgoscinny

    Makes you wonder how thorough their approval process is. :-/

  • Kenton Presbrey

    I’ve often wondered how thorough the approval process could possibly be with the amount of applications that are submitted per day (according to Google its around 630). They must have some sort of software that processes submitted Apps, as it would be nearly impossible for a group of people to manually review nearly 4,500 Apps thoroughly every week.

    I hate to be an apologist here, but Apple has no model to refer to when it comes to running an App Store. No other company has had to review this amount of software to ensure that its not malicious in anyway. I personally find it rather impressive that their haven’t been issues prior to this. Hopefully this is a one-time-thing.

  • RedRapper

    I wonder what negative impact this will have on other legitimate apps that have similar names and functions. Hopefully apps like ReadAndCall and others which are good don’t receive unwarranted negative reactions. Many developers work hard to produce good Apps and one bad “apple” can ruin countless hours of good work.