NeoCover Magnetic Lightswitch Cover [Deal Ending]



“Any place with four walls and a door…” That’s how the creators of NeoCover describe the places that can use a NeoCover.

You’ve seen NeoCover around already. A simple idea, put ultra-strong rare earth magnets into a light switch faceplate. Then when you come home and need a place to hang your keys…fwap!…you stick your keys to the wall and there they are ready for you! Slick, simple, brilliant. Oh and on sale! Yep, we’ve got the NeoCover on sale right now in the Cult of Mac Deals.

Important: This item will only ship within the continental U.S.

If you’re always looking for a place for your keys, you have $20, and can use a screwdriver then I’m pretty sure that the NeoCover is something you’ll want to check out.

If I didn’t have those funky wide light switches in my place I’d be picking this up for myself. Really, it’s a cool thing that no geek house should be without.

Check it, get it, hang it—NeoCover.

  • mr_bee

    Sloppy, stupid, gimmicky.

    Another loser product from the shills at CultofMac where they don’t so much report the tech news as they do sell you a bunch of useless junk on the side for their advertisers.

  • Stevenj

    Ugly and stupid. Has no one thought this through?