Galaxy Nexus Phone “Coming Soon” On Google Play



After all the back and forth-ing going on between Apple, Samsung, Google, and the US District Court lately, it’s hardly a surprise that the Nexus phone has undergone some changes on the Google Play website’s “Devices” sales page.

The target of Apple’s successful request to ban US sales of was taken down earlier this evening from the Play site, as reported on 9 to 5 Mac, and is currently back, but only as a “Coming Soon” item.

Apple was awarded a temporary sales ban on new Nexus phone sales in the US last week by US District Judge Lucy Koh, while an emergency appeal by Samsung to lift the ban was not granted by Judge Koh just yesterday. This comes soon after a similar injunction against Samsung in regards to its Galaxy Tab tablet, as well.

Part of the injunction against the Nexus phone involves Apple posting a $96 billion bond to insure against any loss in sales by Samsung if the original patent infringement is not found by the court to have merit. According to The Verge, Apple has actually done so.

An update to Google’s Android operating system that is meant to temporarily work around the allegedly infringing software is reportedly going to roll out to current Nexus owners in the US sometime today or tomorrow, as well.

Interestingly, Amazon also has the Nexus for sale, currently at a higher price than is listed on Play. Amazon has no “coming soon” banner, either. This could just be a timing issue, of course, and no indication that it will actually be available to ship from Amazon’s site over Google’s.

It’s fascinating timing, all of this, and shows how fast companies need to be in these current litigious times.

Source: Google Play
Via: 9 to 5 Mac
Image: International Business Times/Reuters

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  • Dowd19

    96 million dollars, not 96 billion… Anyone proof reading this stuff? Last time you guys had a picture of a Nexus S.

  • gigolo


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    Right now, our 2 iphone 4s (AT&T version) is on Ebay & Craiglist NOW…

    We just got 2 GALAXY S3 from Tmobile and its world apart difference from screen, processor, microsd, removable battery, much advance OS (ICS) soon to be JELLY BEAN, lots more better features than iphone…

    Im sick & tired of APPLE litigious way of dealing business…

    They just retain almost all aspects of iphone after 16 months and then called it iphone 4s (i was once a sucker BUT never will again)…