• mikfrak

    Apple has always been extremely hostile to being associated with gaming. It would be easy for Apple to add support for controllers via bluetooth to iOS but has resisted an obviously popular step that would be widely supported. The Onlive app has been available on Android for over six months but has been blocked completely by Apple and will probably never appear. I know people who have reluctantly bought Windows PCs when they wanted a Mac, simply because Apple support for games was so poor. You will rarely see games on sale in Apple stores and if they are they will be very old and expensive conversions of games that have been available on Windows for months or even years. Gaming is rarely promoted through Apple advertising. I suspect iOS gaming was an unintended consequence of providing mobile apps that the company reluctantly tolerates because it brings in a surprising amount of revenue. Unless there has been a drastic change in corporate culture at Apple since Steve Jobs died there is no way the company will actively spend huge sums of money supporting online gaming. I wish it wasn’t true because I love my Apple products but official support for games just isn’t going to happen.