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This Gorgeous Minimal Camera Is The Camera Apple Would Make



If Apple made an iCamera, it would look like this. The Iris, a concept design by Mimi Zou, is so pared down that it doesn’t even have one button. And like Apple’s designs, this minimal approach brings some compromises.

The Iris is controlled by your iris (surprise!). When you pick it up and hold it to your eye, it scans your iris and recognizes you, changing its settings to match your favorites.

To focus, you just look at a subject, and to snap a picture, you double-blink (or wink, I guess). To zoom, you squint. Think of it as multi-touch for your eyes. Multi-glance, perhaps?

This might sound like science fiction, but Canon used eye-detecting AF in its SLR cameras for years, with varying success. Zou’s camera might just be concept, but there’s no real reason that this camera couldn’t be made.

Which brings us to the compromises. While the eye-detection is neat, and zooming using the eyes sounds like fun, the lack of a shutter button is a concern.

Shutter lag is annoying enough as it is, even in the tens of milliseconds. But a double-blink means that you’ll miss your shot every time. And even if you are lucky enough to catch the moment, you’ll never know: this is a control system that means that your eye is closed at the time you make the exposure. Add to that the lack of a screen for quick review and you see the problem.

Still, add in a single button and this could be a winner.

Source: Dezeen