Faux Leather Tape Gives Your Digicam A Retro Makeover



Bought a new shiny, silvery compact camera? Think that maybe it’s a bit too silver? Then why not make it less silver by covering up the silver with some non-silver grip-tape? That’s exactly what PimpMyDigicam is offering in its Leather Kit for the Nikon J1, which guarantees that you’ll see less silver.

To be honest, you should have just bought a different colored, non-silver camera, but here we are, with a whole bunch of shiny silver waiting to be covered up. The Leather Kit isn’t actually leather, in the same way that you camera isn’t actually silver. Instead, it is a standard strip of 3M faux leather tape cut to fit the Nikon J1 (which comes in silver).

The strip costs a ridiculous €30, or around $38. It seems to me that you could do better by buying a roll of tape and carefully cutting it yourself – the results might not be as professional, but what do you care, anyway? After all, you’re the kind of person who buys silver electronic goods.

And if you opt to go the DIY route, you can cover up all the silver parts of your other foolishly-bought gadgets. I’m thinking of hiding the shameful silver back (not silverback) of my iPad.

[This post was brought to you by the color silver.]

Source: PimpmyDigicam

Via: PetaPixel