Why Publishers Are Ditching Their iOS Apps For The Web


Is the Financial Times leading a mass exodus from Apple's Newsstand?
Is the Financial Times leading a mass exodus from Apple's Newsstand?
  • oangelos

    Another reason, it’s easy to forget things in the Newsstand. Another reason, users can no longer criticize the app. Look at the NYTimes in the app store with a mere 1 star, FT, who knows? And it doesn’t even matter anymore.

    But some publishers have to aware. The FT is a well established newspaper. It does not need the PR of the App store. A lot of publishers do.

    Also, now that I have NYTimes on Flipboard I read it almost as much as the Financial Times. I find it to be easier to access outside the Newsstand and a little more exciting (obviously because of Flipboard’s awesomeness).

  • Whodakat

    And who besides FT (who cares) are we talking about when we say a handful of publishers?

  • codeslubber

    Newstand is a nightmare. It’s probably my least favorite Apple product right now. I subscribe to things then it gives me the ‘who are you’ constantly. I can’t get new issues. I can’t tell what I am subscribed to. I don’t have someone to just resolve subscription issues. It’s a disaster.

  • gigolo

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