Flea 4K USB3 Camera Rig Is Seriously Customizable


This tiny 4K camera comes in at under a grand

The Flea 3 is a weird little camera: at first glance it appears to be a 4K webcam, which would mean the ultimate in chats with mom should your internet connections (and Skype) support it.

I reality though, it’s a dirt-cheap way to start a 4K movie rig. I’ll emphasize the “start” in that, though, as you’re going to need a lot more gear than the Flea 3 itself.

The Flea is little more than a box containing a sensor, a USB 3 connector and some electronics. The sensor in the top model is 8MP (4096 x 2160), and there are all kinds of weird specs that only a movie specialist will love (or even understand – like pixel-binning and a bunch of high-end triggering options).

The package comes with a removable tripod hole, a removable c-mount lens adapter and is intended to be the heart of a modular system. So you see, it could actually be rolled into a parental webcam system is you wanted to, but in reality it will be used for very specialized setups which require all the crazy controls that the Flea offers.

The price? Worryingly, you need to sign up to find out, but as this is the web, a little snooping says that it is somewhere in the $900 -$1,000 region. Not bad at all, considering the competition is in the high thousands.

Source: Point Grey

Via: PetaPixel