Hueless Update: The Black And White Photo App Gets More Colors


B&W is all about impact. And scary dogs, it seems.


If you have any interest in shooting black and white photos with your iPhone, you probably already have Hueless, the excellent colorblind photo app. If not, now is a great time to get it, as the latest 1.1 update brings some neat new features.

Why buy a B&W-specific app? Because it lets you see the photos without color. Black and white photography isn’t just about dropping the saturation. Without color, you can focus on the shapes and contrast between photo elements. And whereas a color photo might show the amazing juxtaposition of bright red and green walls, this will look flat gray in B&W.

When I shot film, I dreamed of a filter that would let me see the shot in monochrome while composing. Hueless is that filter.

And speaking of filters, the new Hueless has added an orange filter. In B&W, colored filters change the luminance of different colors. Red lets through red, but darkens blue (skies). Blue makes people look like freckled freaks (even if they’re not).

The app also adds Instagram integration (although not direct posting to the service), custom EXIF metadata and is generally faster.

I shoot quite a lot of black and white, and even though I kind of got used to it, Hueless' live filtering (not to mention all the other neat stuff like proper manual exposure control) has gotten me right back into it.

Source: Hueless

Thanks: Christopher!