Gallery : 10 of the Most Beautiful iPhone & iPod Touch Apps



Ancient Frog – $4.99


Ancient Frog has a free version and a 99¢ “Jr.” version that’s less challenging than the big daddy, but all of them feature gorgeously rendered 3D graphics of lush environments, soothing soundscapes and lovely lighting that make this one of the most awesome puzzle games in the entire App Store. Stunning graphics and a fun, challenging way to drain your device’s battery.

Ivory Tiles — 99¢


Another great and gorgeous puzzle game is Ivory Tiles, with a UI that combines innovative use of the accelerometer and realistic 3D graphics to call up different kinds of wood grain and various levels in space, and uses excellent sound effects to render the realistically pleasing click of ivory tiles on your virtual gameboard. A very zen-like one buck beauty of a game.