Hero Academy Is Coming To Mac And Adding Valve’s Team Fortess 2 As A Playable Team



One of our favorite iOS games here at Cult of Mac is Robot Entertainment’s maniacally fun turn-based strategy game, Hero Academy. Now it’s coming to Mac, and bringing the heroes from Team Fortress 2 along with it.

The idea of Hero Academy is deceiptively simple: on a tiny battlefield, you use a team of heroes to either kill all of your opponent’s warriors or destroy their power crystals. Where Hero Academy really excels, though, is in giving you a choice of fantastic different teams with vastly different powers to choose from, and Robot Entertainment has added cool new teams to the game every couple of months to keep things fresh.

So we’re delighted to report a couple of things. First of all, Hero Academy is coming to the Mac on August 8th through Steam. Second? If you order Steam for Mac, you get access to all of the heroes from Valve Software’s incredible team-based shooter, Team Fortress 2, to use on any device… even your iPhone or iPad!

Oh man. I can’t wait. Count me in.

Source: Gamasutra