Apple Will Release A New, Thinner IGZO iPad Later This Summer [Rumor]



First thing’s first: this report is as sketchy as it comes, and probably has no validity whatsoever. We still think the theory being presented, though, is interesting enough to discuss.With that out of the way, a Chinese newspaper is claiming that Apple will launch a new iPad later this summer, and far from being the seven-incher everyone has been expecting, it will actually be a 10-inch model that will fix everything that was wrong with the new iPad: mainly, the heft and thickness.

Here’s the deal. While Apple successfully managed to install a Retina display and LTE in the new iPad, the only way they were able to do this was to increase the width of the device, making the new iPad thicker, heavier and slower to charge than the iPad 2.

According to rumor, the reason Apple was forced to make this design compromise was because they were depending on Sharp’s IGZO technology to reduce the power requirements of the iPad’s LCD display. Sharp’s IGZO technology essentially makes it easier and more power efficient for light to shine through an LCD display, which would have mitigated the greater power requirements of quadrupling the iPad’s number of pixels.

Unfortunately for Apple, Sharp couldn’t ramp up IGZO production to scale in time for the new iPad, so Cupertino was forced to make the third-gen device thicker than its predecessor.

What Apple Daily and Digitimes are suggesting now is that Sharp has since gotten its IGZO production up to speed, which means Apple can release the third-gen iPad that they originally wanted to: a device that is as slim and light as the iPad 2.

It’s an interesting theory, but we really doubt Apple is going to switch form factors on the new iPad halfway through a generation. For better or worse, Apple had to embrace a thicker design for the new iPad. It’s done. Better to just save IGZO displays for the iPad 4 than risk pissing off all the customers who bought a new iPad shortly after launch.

Source: Digitimes
Via: Macgasm

  • theobserving

    no validity whatsoever, yet it’s still up there.

  • Derek Schlicker

    Can we filter these blatantly wrong and pretty stupid rumors?

    Or, can I mask myself as a Chinese newspaper and write up whatever crap I feel like so I can get some exposure on the site?

  • iHKDesign

    This won’t happen. And I believe you mean “no validity”

  • RadTech5000

    Apple doesn’t make decisions based on if it will upset you people or not, that’s the only true “no validity” here. I hope it does happen personally and I might just pick one up if they did.

  • gnomehole

    Not going to happen. These rumors get dumber and more meaningless all the time, making blogs a huge waste of time.

    If one comes out, its coming out next spring.

  • Jeff Hurd

    By “Later this summer” they mean “Late March 2013”

  • patstar5

    That’s why I didn’t get the iPad 3. The battery takes forever to charge. If apple makes this on the next IPad and keeps the battery the same then the battery would last about 20 hours! Maybe not 20 but at least 15. Wanted a 64gb AT&T wifi + 4g. Have an iPad 2 32gb. Might get a asus nexus. Want to try something different besides apple. Won’t get a Samsung product. Samsung is such a copy cat. Asus is innovating. Nokia is too. We’ll see if apple can still innovate this October.

  • Kenton Presbrey

    C’mon guys…Really? Why would you even report this. Obviously they’re going to wait for the fourth generation to do such a thing. Crazy rumor mills.

  • easydone101

    Digitimes is a source? That says it all.

  • Mads Teland

    And u forgot the LTE support for international carriers ;)

  • BarberRussell1

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  • rick_tap

    How is that worth a headline?
    I mean it’s obviously bullsh*t.
    BTW: This is the only site in my googlereader that actually brought it up.

  • technochick

    This ‘even better one in the summer’ rumor was first put out with the original iPad and then last year as well. didn’t happen those times either. And it sure isn’t going to happen if Digitimes is the source.

    IF Apple was looking at IGZO either it failed to meet their standards or they were looking at it for a future model. Given the newness of the tech, I’m going with the latter.

  • technochick

    No. One iPad per year. How stupid do you have to be?

    that is hardly a valid reply. If Apple sees the advantage and has the desire to release a second iPad this year, they will. End of story. Same with two iPhones in a year, a 5 inch iPod touch, an real TV, etc.

    The only ‘stupid’ is in the choice of sources to believe, but the notion of Apple doing anything in and of itself, not stupid to believe

  • 5imo

    “Apple Will Release A New, Thinner IGZO iPad Later This Summer” Then when you click on the story [Roumour] great journalism there guys! Couldn’t of been done to drive traffic to the story, could it?

  • StetsonG

    I highly doubt it. If they switch to IGZO displays before next year, it will most likely be a silent change, some people will just notice increased battery life. Much like the silent transition to the more power efficient A5 chip in the newer iPad 2s.