Griffin’s Kiosk Protects Your Poor, Unattended iPad


Kiosk turns your iPad into a kiosk.


Just the thought of letting a stranger use my iPad for anything other than a quick browse of Wikipedia creeps me out, so I’m certainly not the target customer for Griffin’s Kiosk. But I understand that some businesses use iPad’s for display material, and for them the protective, immovable stand looks ideal.

The Kiosk is more than it first seems – a good thing as they cost $200 or $300, depending on whether you pick the desk-mounted or the floor-standing models.

The main part is of course the tough, impact-resistant case, which comes with three faceplates which variously block everything but the screen, or allow access to the camera and home button. The case screws shut with a special tool to prevent tampering, and there’s also an included power supply which snakes through the tubular steel stand.

If you’re using iOS6, then you can selectively disable parts of the screen. Until then, Griffin makes a Kiosk App which will let you make your own interactive guides.

Clearly this is meant for permanent installations, but even with the combined price of iPad and stand, it’s probably still cheaper than the lame-o proprietary solutions out there.

Source: Griffin

Thanks: Jennifer!