Online Marketing Excellence Online Course [Deal Ending]



Ever feel like online marketing is a strange, black box where it’s more magic than science? Feel like you need to step up your online marketing game—maybe the boss has just told you that you need to boost your company’s online marketing efforts—and you’re feeling a bit at a loss?

Frankly, me too sometimes. It’s hard to keep up with the changes to Google’s search algorithms, Facebook’s ads and page strategies, and what’s the most effective way to use a blog for marketing. The answer isn’t trying to muddle through on your own, the answer is to pick up the skills from an expert.

Today’s deal brings you that opportunity—Online Marketing Excellence.

The Online Marketing Excellence course is made up of over 4 hours of instruction across 54 lectures that you can watch anytime, anywhere. Have a few minutes, but only have your iPhone? Not a problem. Stuck with your iPad at the airport? All good.

Who Should Take This Course?

Small to medium-sized business owner with an online presence
Anyone with an business idea
Anyone looking to generate more sales online
This video course package also will include a database of websites that are critical for use in online marketing and the mere cost of compiling this database yourself would be greater than the cost of the entire course.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Google keywords
  • How to use website grader
  • Intro to creating/posting content
  • Posting to a blog
  • Creating and optimizing Facebook presence
  • The importance of video
  • Google analytics

Don’t let your online marketing skills get rusty or amp up your skills if you’re new to online marketing. Grab this deal while it lasts—Online Marketing Excellence.

  • mr_bee

    This is an advertisement disguised as an “article.” It’s also obscene. Anyone involved with this site should be ashamed of themselves for supporting this disgusting scam crap and foisting it on your readers.