Tennessee Residents Can Now Renew Their Driving License Within Minutes On An iPad


It's now easy to renew your driver's license in Tennessee.
It's now much easier to renew your driver's license in Tennessee.

The Tennessee Department of Safety and Homeland Security has installed 72 iPad kiosks in 26 driver service center across the state to make it quicker and easier for drivers to renew their licenses “in minutes.” It has cost the department almost $80,000 to set up the service, which it hopes will improve wait times by making the process of renewing a license significantly quicker.

The Department is calling the kiosks “ASSETS”  (automatic self-service electronic terminals), and each iPad will be have a special app installed that will allow drivers to complete all of the necessary forms electronically before paying for their license with a credit or debit card.

Once the transaction is complete, the new license will be available within minutes, The Tennessee Department of Safety and Homeland Security says. Commissioner Bill Gibbons is confident that ASSETS will eradicate those lengthy waits. He said:

Reducing the wait time at driver service centers is one of our top priorities. These self-service iPad stations will cut down on the number of customers waiting for service from a driver license examiner and will help reduce the overall wait time for all customers.

The iPads will also allow drivers to change addresses on existing driver licenses, and process reinstated payments. In the future, they will also allow customers to schedule road test appointments.

Source: Tennessee Government

Via: Mashable