Universal Does Mobile Ads Right With iPhone Campaign For New Oliver Stone Thriller


Universal shows how to do a mobile ad campaign the right way
Universal shows how to do a mobile ad campaign the right way.

Over the past few months we’ve learned a lot about the mobile ad market from a variety of studies. We know that iOS users are more likely to respond to ads than Android users, and that there’s often a big return on ads designed specifically for the iPad and other tablets. We’ve also learned that many ad agencies haven’t yet realized the value in either of those data points.

One company that sees the value of mobile ads is Universal Pictures. Universal has created an interactive mobile campaign for its upcoming “Savages” – an Oliver Stone thriller that opens a week from Friday (July 6) – that ticks all the right boxes for mobile ad success.

The ad campaign, which is running in Pandora’s iPhone app, displays as a traditional ad that expands to an iPhone-optimized page where users can watch the “Savages” trailer, see additional clips from the movie, and check out Oliver Stone’s blog about the film.

Unlike some other mobile campaigns for movies, the ad doesn’t direct users immediately to Fandango’s mobile site and encourage them to buy tickets for the film. Instead, Universal is serving up an interactive experience that is largely unobtrusive to anyone who isn’t interested enough to tap on the ad to expand it. The goal, according Mobile Marketer, is to raise awareness of the movie and generate buzz about it in a way that entices and attracts users.

In many ways the approach follows what studies have suggested works best for mobile ads: an approach that is about creating interest and providing information without in-your-face salesmanship.

Source: Mobile Marketer

Image: Universal Pictures