In An Effort To Save MobileMe Data, The Archiveteam Has Downloaded Over 272 Terabytes Of Websites


Apple's MobileMe warning Email.
Apple's MobileMe warning Email.

As you’re probably aware, MobileMe shuts down on June 30, and along with it will go hundreds of thousands of users public webpages, photo galleries, and iDisk folders. In an effort to save this data, the Archiveteam has downloaded all of it. That’s a whopping 272 Terabytes, not Gigabytes, of data.

The Archiveteam is little more than a small group of volunteers, but they’ve been diligently trying to save the entire contents of MobileMe for the past few months. In the past, they’ve also archived a huge collection of Geocities sites, as well as many other repositories of data, including over 90 million tweets. Even though Apple might want to move on from MobileMe, you can rest assured that the Archiveteam has kept all its data safe.

If you want to check out some of the other data the Archiveteam has saved, you can check out their archives page here.

Via: MacRumors

  • mr_bee

    This is a really poorly reported article so it’s hard to tell, but if they *have* really archived all of MobileMe, then they have done it *illegally.* Most MobileMe content is protected, even the picture galleries and belongs to the end users, not Apple nor the “ArchiveTeam.”

    I’m guessing they probably keep within the letter of the law and *haven’t* actually archived all of MobileMe, and that instead they are just grandstanding and exaggerating in order to get advertising, which you have dutifully given them by swallowing their BS wholesale and reprinting it here.

  • PeteX

    How anal must you be to save the internet, haha :-)