Look How Many Competitors Apple Has Destroyed In Just The Last Year Alone [Chart]



We all know that despite only selling two different models of the iPhone and iPad each year, Apple owns the lion’s share of profits in the smartphone industry, even when compared to manufacturers who released dozens of different smartphones and tablets every  year.

It gets even crazier, though. Look at this wonderful chart by market research firm VisionMobile, comparing shipping volumes, revenues and profits of the mobile industry from Q1 2011 to Q1 2012. In just a year, Apple has pretty much doubled not just the number of smartphones it ships, but the revenue and profit it makes off of them…. even while companies that were, a year ago, struggling to compete have pretty much gone belly up.

Insane. Can anything stop the iPhone and iPad?

Source: Vision Mobile
Via: Infoworld

  • sosickitzill

    samsung needs to be destoryed completely.

  • MstrSirus

    “samsung needs to be destoryed completely.” Steve jobs-Microsoft doesn’t need to lose in order for Apple to Win. (That same quote can be applied to Samsung)

  • CharilaosMulder

    “samsung needs to be destoryed completely.” Steve jobs-Microsoft doesn’t need to lose in order for Apple to Win. (That same quote can be applied to Samsung)

    It does. Microsoft does it’s own thing. Samsung electronics of 2012 exist because of Apple

  • markrlangston

    It’s way too early to call but the only competitor that stands between Apple and complete dominance of the tablet and smartphone market is Microsoft.

    While I applaud the gamble they’re taking with Windows 8, it is an enormous gamble. Win8 will either be a massive, runaway hit or it’ll crash and burn sending the rest of the PC industry down with them.

    I doubt Apple wants that but based on the chart and the continued success of the iOS devices Microsoft is the only company that can truly make a difference.

    With that said, Apple will be okay. Reality is that Windows is the most used OS on the planet and nothing will change that and yet Apple has continued to sustain itself as the “other” and also premium choice. If anyone should be worried it should be Google who stands the lose the most if Win8 is successful.

  • SingletonArline

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  • FilthyMacNasty

    Let’s see: Microsoft is planning to sell two different products with the name Surface, one running Windows 8, and one running Windows RT, which is essentially a gigantic Windows Phone, which doesn’t sell very well at all right now. The one running RT isn’t the full fledged PC that Microsofties have been claiming is the weakness of the iPad, which is selling incredibly, stupendously well.

    So let’s assume the Surface RT will put up numbers similar to Windows Phone, which is like zero, and forces the Softies to gravitate to the undoubtedly more expensive Surface “Pro.” They’re either going to choose the Surface “Pro,” or one of the so-called Ultra-book PCs. If the “Pro” sells, it cuts into Ultra-book sales, diminishing the market for Microsoft’s OEMs, who by the way will also be competing with M$ for Tablet sales of their own, which by the way run Microsoft’s Windows. So the OEMs are competing with M$ while running M$ software.

    Meanwhile, the world waits breathlessly to get a glimpse at Google’s Nexus version of a Tablet. It may be news to some that Android powered Tablets aren’t exactly selling like gangbusters.

    So a plethora of Android Tablets will join the plethora of Android phones, and OEMs will slash prices and profits to the bone, in order to brag about “Market Share.” All the while, only Samsung, that shameless, thieving, downright creepy company, makes a profit, because Samsung is so good at lifting others’ ideas.

    Should be a fun Christmas, what with Microsoft, Google, and all these OEMs fighting it out for “Market Share,” whilst Apple just smokes all of them by offering one phone and one tablet, products which people actually want and buy.

    Sorry Fandroids and Microsofties, but ya’ know that company that you call a cult? It’s taking over your world.