Facebook Messenger Gets In-App Notifications, Image Sharing Enhancements & More


You can now see who's online when beginning a new message.
You can now see who's online when beginning a new message in Facebook Messenger.

Facebook has updated its standalone Facebook Messenger app for the iPhone this morning to deliver a nice selection of new features, in addition to some bug fixes and performance improvements. Highlights include in-app notifications, the ability to delete individual messages, and support for larger images.

With Facebook Messenger version 1.8, you’ll receive new message notifications while you’re within the app, so that you can see incoming messages as they arrive and tackle multiple conversations at once.

This works a little differently to the existing push notifications already available when Messenger is closed. While you’re within one conversation, you’ll see a notification at the top of the page to alert you of a new message within another conversation. Simply tap the notification to be taken straight to that new message.

The update also allows you to include friends of friends within new conversations, so you don’t actually have to be friends with everyone you want to reach. And when you start a new message, you’ll now see which of your friends are available and ready to respond to your messages.

You can also now delete individual messages from any conversation — without deleting the whole conversation altogether, and you can now share larger images.

Finally, this update promises to make Facebook Messenger faster and more reliable. Unfortunately, however, there’s still no iPad support.

Source: App Store