RadSleevz Slip Covers For Retina MacBook Pro: They’re Not Rad, But They Are Sleeves


Like a glove for your new retina MacBook Pro. Only without the fingers. So really more like a thumbless mitten.

RadTech’s brand spanking news RadSleevz are the closest you’ll get to a Smart Cover for your new Retina MacBook Pro. Although some of you might feel that your $2,000+ notebook deserves a little more protection, others will appreciate the RadSleevz’ minimalism.

Made from a breathable, water resistant, microfiber-alike material called “Optex,” the skins slip over the svelte new MBP and keep out dust, dirt and scratches without making the thing look like a 1990s Dell laptop.

Slide it into the 42-gram cover and the only part left showing is the rear plastic hinge. The cover also comes in a range of candy colors (as well as dreary gray and imagination-free black) and the texture of the fabric skin is both good for grip and can be used to polish the MacBook’s glass screen.

I hate bulky cases, although I’ll use them if I have to. And if I ever actually buy a MacBook again (right now the iPad/iMac combo does me just fine, with an old aluminum MacBook for emergencies) then I guess that this would be the first case I’d look at.

Best of all, it costs just $31, and can be bought right now.

Source: RadTech

Thanks: Radtech Team!

  • CaNe2o1

    I like this cover. I’m waiting on my MacBook to get here and looking for a cover.

  • DJ_JesseJames

    your kidding! What a piece of shit and a waist of money.
    Your Mac gonna fall out of that joke of a sleeve and make you CRY…