SkimClip OCRs Mac Screen-Grabs For Storage And Searching


SkimClip reads the text from your Mac screenshots.

SkimClip is a very clever, and very handy little Mac app. What it does it this: With one keystroke, you can make a screen grab of any part of your Mac’s desktop and SkimClip saves it and performs OCR.

Thus, any image containing text is instantly cataloged for searching. Sure, you could also roll your own PDF workflow to do the same thing, but as SkimClip also organizes the results into an iTunes-like interface with search, subcategories and quick-look, and only costs $5 on the Mac App Store, then why bother?

Plus, this is yet another way to convert DRM-encumbered e-books into plain old go-anywhere text.

SkimClip v1.0 is available now in the Mac App Store.

Source: Dom Loves Kim Software