Google Shuts Down Apple-centric Blog Due To Mac and iOS Popularity



In a post on the official Google Mac blog today, editor Scott Knaster wrote a final piece that closed the Mac-centric web log for good. Citing the current mainstream popularity of Apple, Macintosh computers, and of course the iPad, iPhone and iOS, Knaster says that he realizes that a special Mac blog is no longer needed.

Google itself continues its stellar support of all Apple platforms, with 22 different apps for iOS, seven of which are created solely for the iPad. All of Google’s services, like Gmail, Maps and – yes – search, are fully compatible on iOS and OS X.

Even if Apple has decided to bypass Google Maps and maybe even Google Search (with Siri), there’s no hostile tone in the blog post, nor does it seem likely that Google will stop offering services for Mac OS X or iOS.

It makes sense to stop writing about Google’s Mac and iOS support separately, and Knaster points readers to the blogs for individual Google producs with highly-visible Apple support, like its Chrome Blog and the Lat Long Blog (for Google Earth).

Signing off, Knaster reminds of just how long the strange trip has been, saying, “Thanks for reading this blog over the past five and a half years.”

We can only hope that the mainstream appeal and popularity of Apple’s offerings continues to rise over the next five and a half.

Via: MacNN

Source: Google Mac Blog