Tired Of Fighting, Judge Restricts Apple And Samsung’s Courtroom Time



Both Apple and Samsung have been engaged in a courtroom battle for what seems like ages now, bickering back and forth like an old married couple. Like a parent intervening between two fighting kids, Judge Lucky Koh has finally stepped in between Samsung and Apple to lay down some rules.

Judge Koh has informed both legal teams that their arguments must be stripped down to the bare minimum, offering each side the opportunity to present a maximum of 125 exhibits and 25 hours of argument time. According to Judge Paul Grewal, Koh will “not accept thousands of documents.” It appears that Koh is sick of the constant back and forth between Apple and Samsung, and for good reason.

Last year Koh had shot down Apple’s request to ban sales of the Galaxy Tab in the U.S., only to have Apple win an appeal overturning the ruling. In May, Judge Koh had told lawyers from both parties that she would not have jurors endure “cruel and unusual punishment.”

If you’re thinking that Apple and Samsung will settle their differences soon, I wouldn’t count on it. This battle has been dragged out for months already, and it wouldn’t surprise me if it continued on for a considerable amount of time. Just like a schoolyard fight, the best thing to do is just ignore it.