Your New iPad Costs Just $1.36 Per Year To Charge


Although it takes forever to fully charge, the new iPad costs less than $2 a year to run.
Although it takes forever to fully charge, the new iPad costs less than $2 a year to run.

Like its predecessors, Apple’s latest iPad promises to provide you within around ten hours of battery life for surfing the web on Wi-Fi, watching video, or listening to music. But with its high-resolution Retina display and LTE connectivity, it needs a much bigger battery to do that.

And we all know how long it takes for that battery to charge, because it has been well documented since the device made its debut earlier this year. But the cost of keeping it running may be a lot less than you think.

According to a recent study conducted by the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI), an independent organization that focuses on electricity research and development, it costs less to recharge a fully-drained third-generation iPad than it does to run a 60-watt fluorescent light bulb for the same amount of time.

In fact, devices like the new iPad could actually help to lower the high power consumption that has been introduced as a result of the digital age.

EPRI’s Vice President of Power Delivery and Utilization, Mark McGranaghan, said:

As information technologies continue to change rapidly we see important implications for energy consumption. These results raise important questions about how the shifting reliance from desktop to laptop to mobile devices will change energy use and electricity requirements for the information age.

Charging devices like smartphone and tablets once a day costs significantly less than powering large devices like HDTVs and computers, according to the EPRI. The new iPad requires just 11.86 kilowatt hours of electricity over a 12-month period, while a 42-inch plasma television requires 358 kilowatt hours.

Source: EPRI

Via: AppleInsider

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