Satechi Portable Energy Station Will Even Charge The New iPad



Satechi’s Portable Energy Station is the backup battery you need if you have a new iPad aka iPad 3. Why? Because its 10,000 mAH battery is almost as capacious as the 12,000 mAH (45 watt-hour) battery in the iPad 3 itself.

The PES, as we shall call it, weighs in at just 7.4 ounces, or just over 200 grams, and contains a pair of USB ports to charge multiple devices at once, one 1-watt port and one iPad-friendly 2-watt port.

It is, clearly, an excellent option for the iPad-toting traveler.

I have been thinking about the new iPad recently and I think that – for all its amazingness, it is also the most compromised of Apple products we have seen in a while. I wouldn’t go back to the iPad 2, but I don’t like the fact that the iPad is pretty crappy for biking and hiking trips thanks to the time it takes to charge that huge battery.

Worse still, the battery meter barely ticks upward if I hook it up to a solar panel. This actually made me consider taking an old iPad 1 on trips, until I sobered up and remembered the iPad 3’s great camera.

Anyhow, I’m almost certain to buy this Satechi charger, and as it costs just $50, I might even spring for two. After all, what’s an extra half kilo to carry around?